Wednesday, March 30, 2011

John Sanderson - Spring (IKAAMR 011)

Four gorgeous piano compositions from the same force that is Fadfv Adsf. The third track features poetry from Spokane, WA powerhouse Mark Anderson. Psychedelic lawn art collab by Kurt Olson and John Sanderson


1. Intro To Spring
2. Spring Cleaning
3. The Season's Content
4. Waiting For Autumn

Fadfv Adsf - Questionable Characters (IKAAMR 010)

Questionable Characters is a further exploration of the sound sound on Fadfv Adsf's split with Kurt Olson. Devil bouquet art by Ryan Carter.

DOWNLOAD: Questionable Characters

1. Loneliness?
2. Sitting In My Room
3. This One Is For The Hades
4. BD
5. The Sad Truth
6. Little Man

Friday, March 25, 2011

Phantom Youth - Sweet Peaks (IKAAMR 005)

Phantom Youth offers three guitar-centered dirges. Guest words by Kurt Olson Minimalist misty mountain art by Ryan Carter.

DOWNLOAD: Sweet Peaks

1. Sweet Peaks I
2. Sweet Peaks II
3. Sweet Peaks III

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kurt Olson / Fadfv Adsf - The New Deal With It (IKAAMR 009)

The New Deal With It is a seamless merging of two separate musical styles. Kurt's side is like heavy drinking and listening to Nebraska after a funeral. The Fadfv Adsf side is the outsider art answer to Elliott Smith. Cool guy FDR/cross-hatching nightmare art by Ryan Carter.

DOWNLOAD: The New Deal With It

Kurt Olson:

1. Not Today
3. The Funeral Song
5. Goodbye
7. Here She Comes Again

Fadfv Adsf:

2. Dean Koontz
4. Tapping Riff 1
6. Be Serious, Seriously
8. People Tell Me I Look Like Billy Corgan

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Girlfriends - Girlfriends (Reverse) (IKAAMR 008)

The companion piece to Girlfriends, Jerry Joiner gets his Pullhair Rubeye on with this remixed, redubbed, freshly looped reversal of an album. This isn't merely his debut played backwards. Companion triangular explosion artwork by Ryan Carter.

DOWNLOAD: Girlfriends (Reverse)

1. New Computers (Reverse)
2. Untitled #6 (Reverse)
3. Patrick Ewing (Reverse)
4. Untitled #3 (B)
5. Gosh Darn It! (Reverse)
6. Bernie Mac Attack (Reverse)
7. Hmm? What's It Tuba? (Reverse)
8. Untitled #5 (B)
9. End (Reverse)

Girlfriends - Girlfriends (IKAAMR 007)

Jerry Joiner is a beast. His one-man noodly loop assault Girlfriends. Gang vocal violence assault squad: Eric James (The Matador Room/Phantom Youth/World Cup Pop Rock), David Plell (Cyrus Fell Down/David Plell), Kyle Schmidt (Whalelimb), and Ryan Carter (Cassowaries). Triangular explosion artwork by Ryan Carter.

DOWNLOAD: Girlfriends

1. Patrick Ewing
2. Brobocop
3. Yeah!? What's It Tuba!?
4. Untitled #6
5. New Computers
6. Bernie Mac Attack
7. Chex Urself B4 U Rex Urself
8. Untitled #3
9. The Apocalypse Made Me Brave
10. Untitled #5
11. End

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kurt Olson - An Apricot In An Apple Tree (IKAAMR 004)

Spokane, Washington's Kurt Olson delivers eleven poems spanning everything from ptsd to judy garland infatuation. With instrumental help from Phantom Youth, Habit@, and Cassowaries, the musical side of this release is as diverse as it's topics. Treeangular artwork by Ryan Carter. Kurt O., everybody!
DOWNLOAD: An Apricot In An Apple Tree

1. Greener Pastures
2. Listen, Kid
3. Personal Ad (live)
4. Turn Over, New Leaf
5. Charlie
6. The Shame Of Lust
7. Windowsill House Cat
8. The L Word
9. Joshua Wandered
10. Spring Will Implode
11. I Love You, Judy Garland
12. Too Cold To Believe
13. Tistillion